We are Mercedes and Jean-Luc, a couple with a passion for linen whose philosophy revolves around a healthy, simple and balanced life.

Attracted and inspired by the elements of nature, we like to live in respect of it.

It is with this in mind that we created the Luberone 100% linen brand, favouring this magical plant with its many ecological virtues, which combines nature, elegance and comfort and whose cultivation respects the environment perfectly.


- the cultivation of linen does not require irrigation, unlike other crops intended to become fabrics, since flax grows in a temperate oceanic climate and rainwater is sufficient for its growth.
- the cultivation of flax requires very little fertiliser and pesticides (if any at all) and yes it is a flower,
- The transformation process is mechanical and natural (no chemical solvents or water is used)
- Every part of the plant is used (zero waste)
- Flax is a local production, France is the first world supplier and flax is essentially cultivated in Europe
- It is a fine, strong and comfortable fibre
- Linen is absorbent and hypoallergenic
- It is a living and thermoregulating material
- Pleasant to wear, linen guarantees an elegant and relaxed look It is a material of excellence for an eco-responsible fashion and dressing.

All these advantages have led us to take the linen route in 2005 by making only linen clothes. Since 2012 we have been committed to sustainable development, favouring proximity and short circuits by making all our linen clothes in Europe (Portugal) and by Europeans!